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Powerful Tips to Manage the Data Consumption on Your iPhone

Important Tips to Manage the Data Consumption on Your iPhone

All world website.com Staying out of the date before the end of the month is a common trouble then you may be believe, and can actually be a nightmare if it happens at the least expected situvation, such as the middle of summer. So some of these below tips that you cant take into account to save your data to you iPhone.

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Tips to control data consumption on your iPhone

For example how you can manage our usage of data on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Instragram and other apps etc.

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Improve the data usage on Facebook

The first important thing to keep in your mind is that the fastest application that ends with your megabyes is Facebook. The reason is simple, because the facebook is most popular social network site. the Facebook is sends notifications, also the number of multimedias such as images, videos, shares that can automatically play with other factors.

So, this is advisable app to control the data, with topics as disabling the automatic playback to the mobile data. To do this, you have to following the these steps.

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First you have go to the ‘Settings’ Facebook app to your iPhone.
Next you go to the ‘Accout Settings’ section. There you have to choose ‘Videos and Photos’.
Next we have to choose ‘Autoplay’.
Now select ‘only with WiFi connections‘.

Control the usage of apps

 How to, Ios, iOS 10, Iphone

In iOS 10 we have option to review how much data is usage for every app that we have installed on our iphone. To do this procedure, we go to ‘Settings’, and then go to ‘Mobile Data’, and there is the authorise the usage of data of the mobile or select the connet with WiFi. In this way, we have notice that there are several apps that we have to consumption of only when we have a WiFi connection. In this procedure, we can stop the more consumption of data.

In addtion, this part not only shows how much of daya is usage of every app in our iPhone but also shows us to reset this figure each time we complete our billing stage, to control of our action.

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And another option we can make is to turn off the background data. This stop apps from using the data of the mobile even if we are not using any given time. To do this first we have to goto ‘Settings’, and then goto ‘General’ now click to ‘Update and then select to background’.

And on the other hand, if we are at a time of the day when we know thay we do not keep our data of the mobile. The most important thing to save the data is that we deactivate it. We have only goto ‘Settings’ option and then go to the section the ‘Mobile data’. so that we can disable the feature.

 How to, Ios, iOS 10, Iphone

‘Assistance WiFi” is also a feature that can turn off to save the mobile data. Remember this is a function it is the speed and qualify of the connection so that we reach point of the WiFi signal is weak, the iOS device is automatically switches to mobile network if it is better offer to user experience.

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Finally, there is a topic that we can control and that is related the consumption of data streaming mobile apps. What they could turn off ‘high-quality streaming’ apps link Apple Music, Spotify and Netflix. In case of music service of firm of Cupertino, they should go to the ‘Settings’ option of the telephone, then click to ‘Music’ and the choose the ‘Cellular data’ to deactivate the High-quality transmission.

In Spotify, if it works differently since adjustment is done from the application itself, in ‘Configuration’ and in ‘Quality of transmission’ option.

And for Netflix, we also have the same procedure to enter the configuration of the app and select the low video quality.

That’s it! This is how we can save our use of data consumption on our iPhone. If we know the other tips for saving the data of the mobile, to share them with our readers in the below comment section.

If you have any question regarding any setting on the iPhone, let us know your comments, we will solve your queries as soon as possible.

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